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Over the years, Back2Nature has received some fantastic feedback, so don’t just take our word for it, read what our fans have to say.


I have been using the henna and indigo combo monthly for a couple of years now and I love it!  Prior to that I dyed my hair with chemicals for more than 10 years and my hair was starting to look brittle and overdyed – which it was.  Now all that hair has grown out and my hair is soft and shiny.  The chemicals used to irritate my scalp a bit but I have no issue with the henna/indigo.  I love the colour and it covers grey extremely well.

— Kim, Helensville


Very nicely presented product in excellent quality, very fast delivery with low postage cost. Fast, effective and friendly communication made this purchase a real pleasure. Thank you so much! Highest recommendations for Back2nature!!!!

— Dirken, Auckland


This is the 2nd time I’ve ordered henna from you, yours is the best henna I’ve ever used, and I’ve been dying my hair with henna for over 20 years. It is soft, and smooth, and it leaves the most beautiful rich colour on my hair – it’s the best quality henna I’ve ever come across, and extremely good value for money, too. The gloves were a nice touch,  too :)

I’m a very happy customer!

— Els, Waiheke Island


WOW – thank you so much. My package arrived with lightning speed and I really appreciate your care with packaging and the cute “sweetener” (especially the NZ made  Whittaker’s). I will definitely be recommending you to others and purchasing again myself. You’ve been the happy side of an otherwise unpleasant day, so I wanted you to know how much a difference your efforts make. You deserve to do well in business!

— Melinda, Waikato


Love your henna/indigo, have now converted my mum into using it instead of those poison dyes, she now has a head of rich auburn brown and no greys.:) We found the two step process the best way to achieve this although it does take a little longer the result is worth it.  All the best.

— Karlene, Northland


I had been chemically dying my hair for about 20 years, with each treatment lasting two weeks max on the white hair on my temples. An Indian friend told me she used henna on her hair and her few grey hairs are a really funky red, so I started looking into getting some for my own hair. I ordered henna and indigo powders from Back2Nature on Monday, it arrived first thing Wednesday morning. Twelve hours later I had super soft dark brown hair with gingery highlights, by Saturday the gingeryness had developed into a gorgeous reddish brown. My hair is so soft and shiny, I can’t wait to treat my hair again. I will never use another chemical dye!

— Sarah, Auckland


I’ve become such a HUGE fan and advocate for henna ever since I decided to try it at the start of this year. I had decided about 4 years ago that I was going to become a red-head, and it seemed like every month or so, it was harder and harder to find an auburn chemical dye. I had a friend who had used henna and I LOVED the colour on her, so vibrant and fresh, and it seemed like it DIDN’T FADE, so I decided to try it out for myself. The first time, I was so nervous that my hair was going to end up green, like the paste, and I managed to stain my hands, arms, back AND my parents bathroom with the paste. I left it on for 3 hours, and low and behold, my hair wasn’t green!!! It was a lovely shade of orange. But not to worry, it deepened and “matured” over the next couple of days, and I had so many comments on how lovely my hair looked, and how I suited it. I was hooked!! I’ve had many people ask me if its my natural colour, and when I explain to them that its henna, I often get met with blank stares or comments like “You dye your hair with PLANTS??? Are you CRAZY??” I often reply “You dye your hair with harmful CHEMICALS?? Are YOU crazy??” . I only wish that I had discovered henna earlier. My hair is healthier, with less split ends, damage, and its helped thicken my baby fine hair. I would NEVER go back to using a chemical dye. Not even if you paid me. Its not worth it at all.

Thank you so much for running an awesome business. I’m really glad to have established myself as a repeat customer, and I hope that as my friends start to use henna, they’ll become repeat customers of yours too!!

— Lisa, Waikato


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