For the Love of Nature…

The Love of Nature and our environment is nothing new to me.

As a young girl, growing up in a semi-rural environment at a time when glass milk bottles were in fashion and plastic bags were rarely seen, I enjoyed nature and loved to help take care of the environment around me.

Call it good luck, or serendipity, I would have never thought Mother Nature would reward me by taking of my grey hair dilemma years later.

So to continue with the cycle, we at Back2Nature have made changes to the way we package our products – to give back to Mother Nature. A large proportion of our packaging can now be recycled or reused – from the bags we now package the product in, to the washable reusable processing cap.

Rest assured, you can still expect the same great product & service you have become accustomed to:

– Great natural, plant derived products – all batches tried & tested on our own heads
– Exceptional service
– Super fast processing of orders
– Queries personally answered by Rosie


Looking after our environment is not an option. It is a necessity.

We all have to do our bit (no matter how small) to preserve this planet for future generations to enjoy – Starting right here in New Zealand.

By purchasing Back2Nature products, you not only will enjoy the benefits of our pure, natural hair colour & care products to get healthy hair, but also help contribute to preserving our environment AND it will not cost you the Earth.